LFBJ Blade Baits Cincy Fisher / Not Lead Free. Two baits per pack!!

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These come two to a pack in Silver or Gold. Mustad KVD hooks come stock no need to switch out hooks. These are not Lead Free.


Cincy Fisher Baits is offering top quality Silver Buddy style blade baits for sale. These are some of the finest cold water baits you’ll find anywhere. We make these in two finishes: Nickel and Brass. The nickel is plated and the brass is solid brass.

Sizes include 1/2 and 3/4 oz.

Baits will come ready to fish with premium Mustad KVD short shank triple grip hooks, stainless steel split rings, Duo Lock Snaps, and 3D eyes. 1/2 oz Nickel is our most popular size in case you are wondering. 1/2oz, and 3/4oz baits are about 2.5″ long. These are not Lead Free.


Ken McKee